Our Story

Originally opened in 2015 in Houston as a gastro-market store named Borgo Food Station and recently transformed into a restaurant, Mina is the latest concept in a long line of successful family restaurants spanning two continents in thirty years. Co-owners husband and wife Luis Mancera and Monica Fallone invite you to join the true soul of Italian food presented in a modern way.

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Monica Fallone

Native of Turin, Italy is chef and co-owner at Mina. Born in a restaurateurs’ family, her early official experience in the industry was at her parent’s hospitality group where she worked from the front to the back of the house learning the soul of the business. Her passion of cooking moved her to travel and learn more about ingredients, trends, methods and secrets involved into the sacred ritual of eating well. Her appreciation for the beautiful simplicity of the Italian traditions is reflected in every restaurant she opened during the years, every consultant she designed and in every recipe she is involved with.


Luis Mancera

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Luis is co-owner and host at Mina. He began his career in finance sector but his connection and passion for food and wine led him back to the hospitality industry in the late 90’s. He spent several years developing new initiatives into the Fallone’s Hospitality Group and opened his first restaurant in Miami in 2001. Following its immediate success he contributed to increase the family business and opened his second restaurant in 2011 in Caracas. In 2014 he decided to move with his family to Houston where they founded Borgo Food Station, a successful “gastro casual” to-go concept that immediately achieve recognition in town. Luis is in charge of the front of the house at Mina, giving “il benvenuto” and sharing the Italian culture of family, where is most often celebrated, at the dinner table.

Mina is dedicated to the heritage that has been passed down through generations in our family and committed to the joy of eating well.

Monica & Luis